Topic:   How to acces web application from another system on my private network
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I'm pretty new to am writing web application that i want to test from another computer located on my private network. how can i achieve this.operating system that i am using is windows 7 and the visual studio version that i am using to create my web application is visual studio 2010.

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    1 )You must have a web server (Windows comes with one called IIS, but it may not be installed)

    Make sure you actually have IIS installed! Try typing http://localhost/ in your browser and see what happens. If nothing happens it means that you may not have IIS installed. See Installing IIS
    Set up IIS How to set up your first IIS Web site
    You may even need to Install the .NET Framework (or your server will only serve static html pages, and not pages)

    2) Installing your application

    Once you have done that, you can more or less just copy your application to c:\wwwroot\inetpub\. Read Installing ASP.NET Applications (IIS 6.0) for more information

    3) Accessing the web site from another machine

    In theory, once you have a web server running, and the application installed, you only need the IP address of your web server to access the application.

    To find your IP address try: Start -> Run -> type cmd (hit ENTER) -> type ipconfig (hit ENTER)


    you have the IP address AND
    IIS running AND
    the application is installed
    you can access your website from another machine in your LAN by just typing in the IP Address of you web server and the correct path to your application.

    If you put your application in a directory called NewApp, you will need to type something like http://your_ip_address/NewApp/default.aspx

    4) Turn off your firewall

    If you do have a firewall turn it off while you try connecting for the first time, you can sort that out later.

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