Topic:   IIS App Domain restarting unexpectedly
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I have web application hosted on IIS.   Asp.Net application with handlers made of "HttpTaskAsyncHandler" implemented. 

We recently facing the where the IIS App domain getting restarted automatically with out anything configured on iis level.  

  1. No error logs in application level, but it was clear that the application restarted and initialized
  2. No error logs in EventViewer
  3. No sign of app pool recycle. 
  4. Process Id not changed after getting restarted.  
  5. No logs event after enabling all possible logs on App pool advanced settings
  6. DebugDiag not capturing this as crash.

We are clueless on this and the issue started recently only. 

Can you advice how to debug/fix this issue.

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    idnkx user


    So it doesn't seems an application pool recycling. To start with which bad behavior do you see when it happens? This is following a code change?.
    Edit: "It was clear that the application restarted and initialized" How do you know that?. Actually it is even excepted if the application is idle for more than 20 minutes by default if I remember.

    idnkx user


    Please check the recycling setting of the application pool -

    1. Open IIS
    2. Click Application Pools
    3. Select an application pool
    4. Click Advanced Settings…
    5. Check the Recycling section
    If you do some changes in the web.config file, the website will restart. Also changing the settings in the IIS will also lead to restarting of the website.

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