Qus:    Explain the different parts of an Assembly.
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ARUNA Oct 10, 2020 04:18
Answer:   The different parts of an Assembly includes:
• Manifest – It contains the information about the version of an assembly. It is also called as assembly metadata.
• Type Metadata – Binary information of the program.
• MSIL – Microsoft Intermediate Language code.
• Resources – List of related files.

PARTH Oct 10, 2020 08:04
Answer:   A .NET assembly can consist of following elements:

a) Assembly Manifest - The Metadata that describes the assembly and its contents

b) Type Metadata - Defines all types, their properties and methods.

c) MSIL - Microsoft intermediate language

d) A set of Resources - All other resources like icons, images etc.

Only the assembly manifest is required, but either types or resources are needed to give the assembly in any meaningful functionality.

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