Qus:    Explain CAS (Code Access Security).
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PARTH Oct 11, 2020 03:07
Answer:   Code Access Security (CAS), in the Microsoft . NET framework, is Microsoft's solution to prevent untrusted code from performing privileged actions. When the CLR loads an assembly it will obtain evidence for the assembly and use this to identify the code group that the assembly belongs to.

KRISHNA SWAROOP Oct 12, 2020 02:28
Answer:   Net provides a security model that prevents unauthorized access to resources. CAS is a part of that security model. CAS is present in the CLR. It enables the users to set permissions at a granular level for the code.

CLR then executes the code depending on the available permissions. CAS can be applied only to the managed code. Unmanaged code runs without CAS. If CAS is used on assemblies, then the assembly is treated as partially trusted. Such assemblies must undergo checks every time when it tries to access a resource.

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